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Adding charitable donations
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Unlimited online photo gallery
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Unlimited Tributes
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Sharing a loved ones Notice
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Now there is a safe space where you can share your grief when you lose a beloved animal

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Published 02/09/2021
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A memorials to dogs page has been set up by our sister site and the tributes are beautiful

by Millie Reeves
For anyone who has loved a dog, you will know that the heartache of their death is real.
Dogs leave a hole in the family when they leave us that is never truly filled again - even years later.
And while we can’t bring them back, we can keep their memory alive by keeping their photos close or just simply by looking back fondly on the good times they shared with you. has set up a memorial section of its community so that members can post a tribute to the dogs they have loved but who have sadly crossed the rainbow bridge.
Here are some of the beautiful messages dog lovers have shared with the site.

Owner Deb said: “He was the best boy, he loved his walks, so friendly and curious and what a comedian!
“He made me laugh every single day - he was the love of my life.”


Owner Anne said: “Monty was a much loved dog. He was a rescue dog so came to us with issues but he also had the most loving nature.
“He looked a big tough cookie but was the softest dog with a big heart. Miss him so much. We had thirteen lovely years with him.”

Owner David said: “Our beautiful little girl Ethel. Such a truly special and wonderful soul who was loved beyond belief. We were the lucky ones to have had Ethel May in our lives and it was an honour and a huge privilege to have been her doggy family.
“She was a massive part of our lives and family. Ethel influenced people who had met her, such was her nature and being. Ethel was everything that you could ever ask for from a beautiful Labrador - kind, gentle, understanding, loyal, totally trustworthy.
“The pain and grief that we feel is a true reflection of the love and adoration we had for her. Sorely missed by everyone, forever in our hearts and souls and remembered every moment of every day. No amount of time would have been long enough.
“We love you ❤️and miss you so very, very much. Our beautiful, beautiful little girl.”

Owner Glen said: “My dearest little girl Foxy, a street dog, found almost dead by a kind passer-by, starving and so weak she could hardly stand.
“She only had one eye and was attacked leaving her almost blind. After she had recovered and was able to be adopted postings were put out but no one offered. By chance I saw one of these posts and asked about her.
“After a long talk I was able to bring her home - one of the best days in my life. She was nervous at first but soon came round. She was never one for going for walks but did enjoy her car rides to the local pet store where she made many friends.
“I was also lucky in that I kept in touch with the people who found her, and not only had a wonderful friend in Foxy but with her saviours.
“We had just three short but fantastic years together going to the pet shop, going for long car rides and always up for a cuddle at any time of day until she was recently found to have both kidney and pancreas failure.
“I was lucky enough to be with her as she left me, but that day broke me.
“For an ex-street dog she was always so friendly and happy, something most street dogs aren't.
“I will miss her cheeky grin and easy loving nature for the rest of my days, I only hope one day I will get to see her again.”

Her owner said: “My sweet LouLou - she never left my side since the day I rescued her at eight weeks old - very loyal and protective.
“Then it came on overnight she got lymphoma and when she turned and looked at me with her eyes she was saying ‘mama help I can't breathe’ I knew right then what I had to do.
“I had her put down the next morning and then buried her on the farm under our tree.
“That was almost a year ago - I loved her more than life itself.”

You can post a tribute to your dog by heading to the memorial page of the TeamDogs website.
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