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The National Funeral Exhibition 2024

by Vicki Barlow
Published 26/06/2024
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It's a wrap!

The team at the NFE
Last week my colleagues and I attended The National Funeral Exhibition (NFE) in Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, and what an event it was.

The NFE is a testament to the funeral industry. Showcasing the best, the innovative, the sensitive and the necessary in a friendly, professional way - a unique opportunity to network, socialise and catch up with friends old and new, we loved it. There was a buzz in the air and we're excited for the future.

What happens at a funeral exhibition?

The team chat with attendees at the exhibition
When you work in the funeral industry, opportunities to talk frankly and openly are often few and far between. The National Funeral Exhibition (NFE) provides an opportunity to meet with peers and suppliers in the industry. It is a safe place to talk about the best products and services available, attend talks and learning sessions and grab some lunch or a coffee in a relaxed environment.

The NFE allows Funeral Directors to meet with suppliers to ensure they are offering the best possible products and services to bereaved families. There were all sorts of people, businesses and organisations at the exhibition: from charities to celebrants, legal advice to keepsakes, tech companies, coffin and urn suppliers and funeral vehicles - if it's needed or relevant to the industry chances are you'll find it at the NFE.

Funeral Directors attend the event with colleagues, friends, wives, husbands, and partners and often have their children with them.

It's not uncommon to see three generations of the same family Funeral Director in attendance at the NFE.

Funeral Notices at the NFE 2024

For us at Funeral Notices, the chance to exhibit at the NFE was a unique opportunity.

I was joined at the event by Account Managers Rob Stebbing, Helen Hiley and Ali Smith, Marketing Campaign Manager Cath Lynch, Director Darren Minns, Senior Product Manager Michelle Jaques, Funeral Notices team members Dawn Lourie and Jodie Eatwell and Funeral Notices Manager Sarah Welton. Colleagues from Reach Solutions joined us, Senior Key Account Director Alex Blasdale and Key Account Director Lauren Jones. We met hundreds of Funeral Directors and their families, caught up with other suppliers, and attended a few learning sessions.
The team on day 3 of the NFE
The NFE allowed the team to demonstrate the changes we have made to our website, and showcase our new branding. Our stand was vibrant and fresh, with goody bags to hand out to those who stopped for a chat - and there were lots of them!

Whilst Alex and Lauren from Reach Solutions provided attendees with specialist marketing advice for the funeral industry, the rest of the team focussed on demonstrating and educating Funeral Directors on all things Funeral Notices.

There was a special buzz around the NFE 2024 and it rubbed off on all of us who attended. There have been lots of improvements to products and services in the last couple of years and every stand at the event had a feel of excitement, innovation and a genuine care for one another and the bereaved.
It was fascinating to see the best of the best at the National Funeral Exhibition. We heard from some experts in the field, we learned about things outside of our contribution to the industry, we got to showcase and we met some wonderful people.

Thank you for reading. Check out our previous blogs here.

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