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What do I wear to a funeral?

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Published 17/09/2020
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Planning what to wear at a funeral can be tricky for some, especially if you’ve never been to a funeral before. No need to worry, most people will have something suitable to wear lurking in their wardrobe. Here’s a guide for men and women on how to dress for the occasion.

How to know what to wear for a funeral?

At a traditional funeral, the typical dress code is to wear smart clothes in dark colours. An easy way to think of it is to dress how you would for a job interview.

Here are six points to consider for dressing at a funeral

  • Dress modestly: Avoid revealing clothing and a lot of skin.
  • Muted colours: It doesn’t have to be all black. Blue, grey, brown, purple is appropriate.
  • Simple jewellery: Massive earrings, chains and loads of rings aren’t deemed as appropriate. Keep it simple.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable: You’re going to be spending all day in the outfit. Bring layers if it’s cold. You don’t have to wear heels either.
  • Bright colours and patterns: Unless the person deceased has stated this you should avoid bright, loud colours or patterns.
  • Remember to iron your clothes: Crumpled up clothes do not look smart. Make sure you iron your clothes and hang them up so they don’t crease.
Now we’ve gone through some general points here are some tips specific to men and women.

What should a man wear to a funeral?

If you have a dark suit that would be best but it isn’t essential. Smart dark trousers and a shirt with a collar will be just fine. It’s also not necessary to wear a tie but it does look smarter. For footwear stick to shoes and avoid trainers, sandals or flip flops as this is too casual for a funeral. Avoid jeans, short-sleeved shirts and caps.

What should a woman wear to a funeral?

A women’s suit with a skirt or trousers in a dark, solid colour is a safe choice. Again it doesn’t have to be all black. If you wear a skirt make sure it’s an appropriate length. Women can also wear a blouse or a sweater which will still be deemed as appropriate. You don’t have to wear heels, try some flat shoes or pumps for comfort. The same rule applies for women that trainers, sandals and flip flops are too casual. This is also the same for jeans. Unlike men, a decorative hat can be worn – similar to a wedding.

What can children wear to a funeral?

The same rules apply to teenagers and children for their dress code at a funeral. Consider all the do's and don'ts above and you will be on the right track.

A final tip on funeral outfits

Do not overstress about what you’re going to wear. As long as you make an effort, look presentable it will be fine. The day is about the person deceased, most people won’t even notice. People will only care that you have come to show your respects and support.

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Thanks for the helpful tips. I think modern day funerals (when we're allowed to attend them) have a lot more individuality than they might have in the past, but still these guidelines can be applied to most.
28-09-2020 17:06:30
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