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What is a Lasting Tribute notice?
We offer Lasting Tribute notices for the small price of £10, but what is a lasting tribute?

The rise of the internet, and therefore social media, has meant a change in the way we handle death and bereavement. Gone are the days we had to check the paper every day to see who had passed away - now all we have to do is pick up our mobile phones and check social media. However, this just allows an easier way to notify of a death - what about a place to remember that person, a place that allows grieving friends and family members to get together and reminisce, to leave tributes and photos, to light candles in their memory?

This is where the idea of a Lasting Tribute on our funeral notices site came from. When Site Designer Neil lost his mother, she had made it clear she did not want a burial plot or grave, did not want her family to feel obligated to visit and mourn her.

As he was developing the site, Neil decided that a Lasting Tribute page for his mum would be ideal - a place where family and friends could visit from the comfort of their homes or even when out and about, a place where they could share stories, leave tributes, photos, and light candles in memory of his mum; essentially, a place to keep her memory alive.

All notices on our website can be shared on social media, allowing family and friends to also visit the Lasting Tribute page and share their own memories of their loved one, essentially allowing everyone to remember that person together in one place.

Anyone registered to the site can have a list of “Saved Notices” that can be visited at the click of a button. There is also the option to set up alerts on specific notices, so if there is any activity on notices important to them, they can be notified of this. This saves the user from having to check the notices themselves for activity.

Users can even set up an alert so that they will be notified of any new deaths in their area, essentially ridding them of the need to actively check for themselves.

Place a Lasting Tribute notice today.

Thanks for reading.

The Funeral Notices Team
3rd September 2019

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