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What Rules are Changing in England on July 19th?

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Published 12/07/2021
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Could it be? Is 'freedom' finally here for those of us living in England? On Monday 5th July, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans to move to Step 4 of England's roadmap out of Coronavirus restrictions - originally scheduled for 21st June but pushed back for 4 weeks due to concerns about the Delta variant of Covid which has been sweeping across the UK since spring.

But what rules are changing? Are they all being completely removed or will some be remaining going forward. My aim is to make today's blog a one-stop shop for all the information you need regarding the planned rule changed in England on July 19th.

What Happens to the Rules in England on July 19th?

Quite simply, almost all remaining restrictions on day-to-day life will be removed from Monday July 19th in England, with life returning to near-enough normality, as much as it can be normal after the last year anyway!

Social distancing and mask wearing inside will no longer be mandated by law, instead put into health guidance which isn't legally enforceable as the rules have been up to this point. Many across the country have signalled they will continue to wear masks for the next few months, whilst on the other side of the coin many - especially those who have been double jabbed with a vaccine - have expressed their excitement at this announcement.

There will no longer be limits on attendance at events both outdoor and indoor, meaning that gigs, football matches and more will be able to operate at full capacity from July 19th. Logging in on the NHS app to allow for Coronavirus exposure notifications will no longer be mandated, although some businesses have suggested they may continue this policy until cases have dropped.

Are Any Rules Remaining as they Are?

For the time being, anyone who is 'pinged' by the NHS app - alerting them that they have been in close contact with someone who has Coronavirus - will still have to self isolate, as has been the Government's policy for some time. However, this will also change from 16th August, from which date those who have had both doses of the Coronavirus vaccine will no longer have to self-isolate after being notified of close contact by the app.

Also, plans have been revealed for double jabbed members of the English public to not have to self-isolate after travelling from an Amber risk foreign country, although no dates have yet been finalised for this change.

Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog, I hope you found it interesting and helpful.

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