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Which Charity Should I Choose to do a Collection For?

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Published 31/08/2020
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When someone passes away, more often than not a charity collection will take place in their memory. But which charity should you choose? This blog will hopefully help you come to that very difficult decision.

Simple Solutions

Sometimes, it might be quite easy to choose a charity to collect for. Some people will dedicate themselves to a certain cause throughout their life, and it only makes sense for donations in their name to go towards a charity that supports this. For example, if the deceased’s profession was that of a heart surgeon, then the British Heart Foundation would be a good charity to collect for.

Another situation where a choice of charity is obvious would be if the person who has passed struggled with a condition or disease while they were alive. Cancer Research UK would be an effective charity to raise money from if the person passed away due to cancer for example.

More Difficult Choices

However, a choice of charity may not always be as obvious as the aforementioned two scenarios. What if the deceased lived a long, happy, healthy life working a multitude of different jobs with not much linking them? Then it becomes more difficult to choose which charity you should do a collection for.

A good place to start in that case is by thinking about the hobbies of the person who has passed away. What were they passionate about? How did they like to spend their free time? As of 31st March 2019, there were more than 168,000 charities registered in the UK. This means that whatever hobbies the deceased had, you’re likely to be able to collect for a charity with that in mind.

Another thing to think about is where their life ended. Usually this will be in a hospital or a hospice, and you may wish to show your gratitude for how they cared for the person who has passed away by raising money for them. This is another good option to take when you might be struggling to think about a relevant charity to donate to.

Still Struggling to Choose?

Some people may just choose to donate to a well-known charity, feeling that their donation will go further that way. Alongside the aforementioned British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, other popular charities in the UK include Macmillan Cancer Support, St. John Ambulance and Great Ormond Street HospitalGreat Ormond Street Hospital.

On funeral-notices.co.uk, you are now able to attach our donation service to any main death notice booked on the website. This is a useful tool to make donating in memory of the dead quick and easy, and also includes Gift Aid, which means that more money will be collected in their memory. For more information about our donation service, check out this article in our Help section.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog on choosing which charity to do a collection for, I hope you have found it useful.
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