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Who can I turn to when I'm grieving?

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Published 14/01/2021
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Bereavement affects us in many ways and it’s very important to share how you’re feeling whilst grieving. Sometimes during this process, you might feel lost on who to turn to or you feel as if you can’t open up to some people you know. In this blog, we’ll have suggestions on who you can turn to when grieving.


Family members can be a great support for you whilst grieving. If it is a family member that has passed they will be grieving too so they will understand how you are feeling. You can open up and support each other during this difficult time. Sometimes even if you are not very close with your family it can strengthen your relationship with them. Most family members always want to help each other out.


Your friends love you just as much as family members do. They want to support you and make you feel better. A true, good friend will always be there for you. Again, if it’s someone they were close with as well they can understand the pain you’re going through and you can share your feelings with each other. Talking is so important whilst grieving. Also, you and your friends can make plans for activities and to do stuff you like which can help take your mind off it.

Health Professional or Counsellor

Sometimes it can be really hard to open up to people you know. Some people find it easier to talk to someone they don’t know such as a health professional or a counsellor. The benefit of this is that everything will be confidential so you won’t worry about anything you said going any further, and they are experts on helping people feel better so they can sometimes have better advice than family or friends. The NHS recommends the organisation Cruse Bereavement Care which you can call on 0808 808 1677. Peer support is also a great place to visit if you’re struggling which can be found on the Mind website.

Grief Podcasts

Sometimes you don’t want to talk but just listen. A podcast is perfect for that. They have become increasingly popular over the years and there is almost a podcast for every topic – including grief. You’ll listen to things you’ll relate to, find interesting and they have expert advice.

Here are the ten most popular podcasts about grief:
As always, we hope this blog helps and makes you think of options on who to turn to whilst you’re grieving. We have plenty of other blogs surrounding funerals and grieving, see here for more.

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