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Why do people wear poppies for Remembrance Day?

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Published 29/10/2020
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by Lewis Saunderson

Why do we wear poppies on Remembrance Day?

11th November is the official day we show respect to all those who served in the Armed Forces and who lost their lives fighting for our country, and it is called Remembrance Day. Leading up to this date you will see people on TV and wherever you go wearing a poppy.

Poppies are worn by people as it’s a symbol of remembrance to those who sacrificed their lives in World War One (WW1). Since then it has grown to be a symbol for those who not only gave their lives in WW1 but for all those have died on behalf of their country. The reason it's a poppy is that it was the type of flower that grew on the battlefields after WW1 ended. The famous WW1 poem Flanders Fields describes this.

How can wearing a poppy help?

As well as showing a sign of remembrance and respect it also helps raise millions for the charity The Royal British Legion. This is a charity that helps servicemen and women who are still alive, whose lives have been changed by wars they have fought in. The money raised goes towards helping veterans who might need help finding work, accommodation or any other support such as mental health needs. It can also help those who have lost loved ones due to the wars.

The history of selling poppies

The Royal British Legion was founded on 15th May 1921, almost 100 years ago! They started selling poppies made out of silk, unlike today which are commonly made out of paper. The poppies sold out straight away and raised over £106,000! In 1922, a factory was created to help sell more poppies and therefore raise more money for the charity. The disabled former soldiers were employed to make the poppies and to this day the same factory is running – helping produce millions of poppies each year.

Where can I get a poppy?

Normally, you would get thousands of volunteers up and down the country selling poppies on the streets, events across the UK and at work/schools. However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many of these methods to raise money aren't possible due to social distancing, large events being banned and many people working from home.

However, poppies are still being sold in supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and even Pets At Home which are all partners of the Poppy Appeal.
Poppies are also being sold online for £2, £5, or £10 donations from

This year it is even more important than ever to help raise money due to the limited ways of selling poppies. Please donate here and remember those who sacrificed their lives for us.
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