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Today will be the start of self-isolation week for many people,
as employers roll out homeworking in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.
If you are new to working from home it can be daunting,
so we've put together a few tips to help!

I know it's really easy to think 'great, I don't need to get dressed' but if there is one piece of advice I would say is the most important it would be to get up and get dressed as normal! Doing this will help you maintain some kind of routine and normality which is vital for your mental health.

Best practice for working at home:

• Establish Boundaries - work/life balance

• Get out and about as much as you can (so long as not self isolating)

• Communicate - Keep in regular contact with your colleagues. Working from home does not have to be isolating

• Take your full breaks and make sure you are away from your screen

• Make the most of your space - Try and establish a specific work area and keep it clean and tidy

• Change position regularly - If you feel any muscles starting to pull don't ignore it. Look after yourself!

Most of us have never found ourselves in this situation before and it can be frightening.
Make sure you speak up if you need help and support, be it physically or mentally. We are all in the same boat and you will not be the only person feeling anxious, stressed or worried right now.

Finally, it is vital you try and keep spirits up. For managers that means effective communication and contact with your team to keep up morale. For everyone else that means keeping focused on the job in hand, listening to managers and communicating with your colleagues.

We don't know much about this current situation but we know it cannot last forever.

Look after yourself and those around you.