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Funeral Notices Charity Homepages 

by Vicki Barlow
Published 25/10/2023
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Funeral Notices publishes tribute pages every day - many of which include a collection for charity(ies) in memory of a loved one. We are incredibly proud of the money collected for charity and good causes.

Our mission is to support families and communities in their time of grief. We work closely to support funeral directors to help the bereaved announce the passing of a loved one and support charities through the collection of donations.

Funeral Notices Charity Homepages 

Charity homepages on Funeral Notices
To further support charities, we have created a number of homepages.

A charity homepage groups together every tribute page that promotes donations to that specific charity. Take a moment to look at the homepage created for Cancer Research. From there, our audience is able to see the most recent pages requesting donations to Cancer Research as well as the 'most read' and popular notices.

The most popular charity homepages are displayed on They may be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage or by clicking here.

Charity homepages are designed so that they may be added to any website by simply placing the URL behind a 'funeral notices' or 'tribute pages' button.

You can check if your charity has a homepage by clicking here. If you would like your charity to have a dedicated homepage, please get in touch by emailing

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Funeral Notices have built a reputation as a trusted platform for families and friends to remember and pay tribute to their loved ones. The audience visiting the website consists of individuals seeking solace and support during difficult times. This aligns perfectly with the audience that charities aim to reach: compassionate and empathetic individuals who are open to making a positive impact. Part of Reach Solutions, we have a team of digital marketing experts ready to help promote your charity on and across our wider network of news sites.

To advertise on or to find out what Reach Solutions can do for you, please get in touch here.

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