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How much money was donated to local Hospices through in 2020?

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Published 01/02/2021
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I don’t think you need to hear yet again how ‘unprecedented’ 2020 was, or that it was ‘a year like no other’, but for charities up and down the country it really was something that just could not be planned for. So it was really important for us to make sure our own Donations service was being utilised by as many people as possible, not only to help families and friends raise money in memory of a loved one, but also to help those charities who were struggling though a year that most of us would like to forget.

This article is the third in our series looking at how much money we have transferred to charities on your behalf in 2020 and will focus on the beloved local hospices that do so much for people in your local communities. If you want to read up on either of the first two articles then you can find them here:

How much money was raised for charity on in 2020?

How much money was donated to the NHS through in 2020?

How much money was raised for local Hospice charities on in 2020?

A total of 3,669 individual donations were made to Hospice charities, raising a huge £100,582! Not only that, but because our Donations Service allows registered charities to collect Gift Aid, an extra £18,718 was claimed by the charities that they might have otherwise missed out on.

This amazing total is all thanks to YOU; the visitors to, the Funeral Directors who place their notices with us, and the friends and families who share those notices on social media in order to help raise as much money for the chosen charities as possible. Without you, these much needed funds would not have made their way to one of the following local Hospices:
  • Douglas Macmillan Hospice - £14,633 (+ £2,726 in Gift Aid)
  • St Oswald's Hospice Limited - £7,600 (+ £1,472 in Gift Aid)
  • St Andrews Hospice Limited - £5,683 (+ £1,059 in Gift Aid)
  • Kirkwood Hospice - £5,304 (+ £1,023 in Gift Aid)
  • Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust - £4,602 (+ £910 in Gift Aid)
  • The Myton Hospices - £4,195 (+ £843 in Gift Aid)
  • St Giles Hospice - £3,722 (+ £650 in Gift Aid)
  • St Luke's Hospice Plymouth - £3,290 (+ £609 in Gift Aid)
  • Katharine House Hospice - £3,149 (+ £646 in Gift Aid)
  • St. David's Hospice - £3,022 (+ £429 in Gift Aid)
These are just the top ten Hospices in terms of the amount of money we transferred to them, but there were a total of 86 different Hospices that received donations from the friends and family of those whose notices we carry here on, and we know that in 2021 we will help you to raise even more for these valuable and worthy causes.

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